ESM-3711-CN Digital ON/OFF + DEFROST Cooling Controller

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ESM-3711-CN series are desgined and manufactured for cooling and refrigeration control industry. They can be used in many applications with ON/OFF control form, defrost feature, simple and easy programming, and user friendly display. The RS-485 communication module provides 7/24 monitoring and remote control option. They can be easily programmed with Prokey modules. The application fields consists of refrigerations, freezing, cold storage, air conditioning. ESM-3711-CN series cooling controllers offer ideal cooling solutions for food manufacturers, supermarkets, restaurants. 

Display and Front Panel
Buttons Defrost, direction and set buttons
Led Indicators SET (Green), P (Green), Alarm (Red), Compressor Out (Red) 3 mm
Display 14 mm Red 4 digit LED display
Physical Features 76 mm x 35 mm
Protection Class NEMA 4X (IP65 at front, IP20 at rear)
Weight Approximately 0.2 Kg.
Installation Fixed Installation
Electrical Features
Supply Voltage and Power 230 V ~ (+%15) 50/60 Hz. 1.5 VA
115 V ~ (+%15) 50/60 Hz. 1.5 VA
10-30Vdc 1.5 W
Sensor Inputs NTC or PTC
NTC (10k @.25 )
PTC(1000 @.25 )
Sensor-1 Cabinet Sensor
Scale NTC  -50℃...100℃ / -50.0℃...100.0℃
PTC  -50℃...150℃ / -50.0℃...150.0℃
Accuracy ± % 1 of full scale for the Thermoresistance
Relay Output 16(8)A@250 V~ at resistive load (Compressor Output)
Communication Module RS-485 communication
Prokey Easy programming with prokey
Hysteresis 0.1 to 10.0℃ PTC (-50.0, 150.0) and NTC (-50.0, 100.0
1 to 20℃ PTC (-50, 150) and NTC (-50, 100
Control Form On / Off
Defrost Compressor ON/OFF
Reading Frequency 3 readings per second
Quality Standarts
Approvals  GOST-R, CE

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